Breath controls our nervous system and is often a good guide on
how we are feeling…so if practicing yoga helps us to slow down and truly
observe the breath while at the same time making us pay attention to the
sensations as we flow through body movements…then that for me is the true
essence of yoga….in whatever style or form.
Yoga is not exclusive to certain body types it is inclusive of all body types.
Your age, looks, experience level does not matter.
A skillful yoga practice teaches us to truly love and accept ourselves being
comfortable in our own skin and being grateful for everything our body is able
to do.
When teaching Vinyasa Flow my focus is very much on the Breath while
expressing flowing challenging movement, creativity and playfulness on the
matt offering ways to modify poses to suit individual needs.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better as long as we don't
prioritize appearance at the expense of our physical health and wellbeing
Yoga can really offer you the importance of Self Care
You cant pour from an empty cup…take care of yourself first.
All you have to do is….
LOCATION : South Harringey School , Pemberton Road, London N4
Main Hall above the swimming Pool side gate Entrance
DATES : Every Tuesday and Wednesday Morning 9.15am until
(After kids drop off or not -take a little time out for yourself)
PRICES: Block of 5 classes £50.00 to be used within 7 weeks
DROP IN: £12.00
Either bring your own matt…..or one can be provided for you.